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12 year old girl Girl raped by 20 men a day in four days

girl raped

Kolkata: She is minor, and may have just attained her age. But the 12-year-old girl of West Bengal was lured of a good pay job in Delhi by a man and she went to the National capital with the beast. There, in order to get her into prostitution she was forced to watch p0rn and then was raped.

Later, he started making money by getting her into act. He took her to places and made her sleep with over 20 men a day and in four days she saw a life close to hell. If she resisted to obey him he showed tortured her beyond words.

Then with the news of police raids he left her unconscious on the roads and fled the scene. A woman saw her on road, took pity and admitted her in hospital. The minor’s revelation shocked the police but they eventually busted the prostitution racket. The girl is getting treated currently.

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