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Chandrika Movie Review

Chandrika Movie ReviewStars: Kamna Jethmalani, Sree Mukhi, Arjun

Director: Yogesh Munisidappa

Producer: Asha

Production Banner: Flying Wheels Productions


This movie revolves around a popular modern Indian painter Arjun and his wife Chandrika. Arjun and Chandrika (Kamna Jethmalani) live their new married life happily. As a gift, Arjun buys a palace for his wife.

Twist in the tale arises when there was a connection between Arjun’s paintings and the ghost. Chandrika starts experiencing sacred and weird situations around her. In less time, she gets possessed by an evil spirit, which also keeps troubling Arjun.

Who is this evil spirit? What happens to Arjun and Chandrika forms the rest of the story.


Kamna Jethmalani is pretty decent in her role and showcases different expressions. All her scenes with the ghost are nice and impressed in a tough role. Arjun is pretty good in his role and brings a lot of relief whenever he comes on screen. Remaining characters are okay in their roles.

Plus Points:

Screenplay is nice

Actors performance made this movie a worth watch

Background music is superb

Minus points:

After interval, this movie loses track during the second half. This movie might go well with the class audiences. Climax was dragged. In some instances, the entire story becomes predictable.


Background score is pretty decent and elevates the movie to a decent level. Dialogues are nice and they will go well with the mass audiences. Screenplay of this movie is superb.

Brilliant first half and thrilling surprises are another highlights. But, the way he handled the second half is below par.

Final Word:

Chandrika is a engaging supernatural thriller.

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