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Does Gaddar Joins in Jana Sena?


Former Maoist leader and singer Gaddar exposed his love for Maoism. Even as the Communists ponder about Gaddar’s transformed thinking, another news from Gaddar came that he would enter mainstream politics and contest elections.

He even said that he will not start any party but will join a political party with related ideologies. He then sang the lines ‘Podaamuro Janasenatho….’

Was that a hint or a sign or a clear telling by Gaddar that he’d enter into Jana Sena Party?

In fact, it was an old song to draw people to join People’s Army or Jana Sainyam an off shoot of Maoist Party. But now political observers of the belief that Gaddar could very well join Jana Sena and be the leader face of the party in the Telangana state.

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