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Donald Trump’s First Speech as US President

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US President-elect Donald Trump addressed his supporters at the election headquarters in New York a short while ago.

Soon after stepping on the stage, Trump apologized for making his supporters wait and commented its a complicated business. He then told about the congratulatory call from his opponent Hillary Clinton on the victory. He also claimed to have congratulated Hillary and her family on a very hard fought election.

Donald Trump: ‘Its time for Americans to be united. I pledge to be president for all Americans, even for those who didn’t support Me, for your guidance and help. Ours isn’t a campaign but a great movement. All the Americans will have the opportunity to realize his or her potential. Those who were forgotten will no longer be forgotten. Millions of our people would be put to work. We should be second to none. Unitedly, We will finish the unfinished business of rebuilding our Nation’.

‘To the World community, I wish to tell that we will work with everyone though we will always put America’s interest first. It will be a partnership not a contract’.

‘They call it a historic event. You have to do a great job for making this happen. This race was really tough. This political business is nasty. All I can say is that campaign has ended, our job is just starting. I promise I willn’t disappoint you. Hopefully, You will be proud of your President. Its an honour and I love this country!’.

Trump thanked his Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Wife and Children for their blessings and support.

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence claims he is grateful to Americans for giving the opportunity to serve. He is hopeful of Trump’s leadership making American great again.

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