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Files complaint against Jabardasth and Pataas shows

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Jabardasth Comedy Show and Pataas have become widely watched shows on Telugu TV channels. The 2 shows got high TRP ratings and are most watched. Audiences are addicted to this standup comedy shows that they have started watching them on their mobiles also. However, there is also criticism that vulgar and double-meaning dialogues are being used to evoke fun Jabardasth skits.

Anchor Ravi and Srimukhi have also faced criticism for their affection and over the top jokes in Pataas show. A complaint has been registered in Balanagar police station on these two shows in this regard.
According to news, a complainant is raised from censor board member Nandanam Diwakar. He charged that these shows are spoiling youth. It is a pity that family viewers are watching and enjoying this kind of cheap comic stuff with highly insensitive and abusive content. Diwakar also accused Roja of being an MLA and encouraging contestants to abuse women in the show.

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