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Gandhi ‘Honey Trapped’, Leaked Secrets?

varun gandhi
Indira Gandhi grandson and BJP MP Varun Gandhi was trapped in a serious problem. The India Prime Minister Office has received a letter that Varun leaked crucial information about defence matters to arms manufacturers after being blackmailed with pictures of him with foreign escorts and prostitutes.

The complaint was lodged by a Us based lawyer C Edmonds Allen. He said that Gandhi was used by controversial arms dealer Abhishek Verma to disclose defence details to arms manufacturers looking to score contracts for India. Earlier, Verma and Allen were business partners. Allen said as a member of a parliamentary defence committee, Gandhi used his information to “compromise national security.”

In a quick response, Gandhi said any photos presenting him as “honey-trapped” are false and not genuine. The allegations were made against him only to prevent his role in the ensuing Uttar Pradesh elections.

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