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Groom to be at ATM hours before marriage!


New Delhi: Though the Prime Minister’s demonetization decision is welcome in the wake of tracing clandestine money and deals. But the implementation has been showing its ugly pangs. As many as 25 people died as the notes ban moved to its sixth day. Few seniors who could not stand long hours in queues collapsed and succumbed and some people who were denied of treatment at hospitals for lack of new notes too succumbed.

There are so many jokes shared across social media platforms but eventually the pain of people has not come down yet.

A new groom to be with his brothers were seen waiting at the queue all through the night in front of an ATM. The man, Sunil said his entire family has been waiting at the ATM centres for money and yet they were eluded of the luck! So sad, Sunil, you will have your new bride with whom you can unburden your worries!

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