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‘KCR suffering from Megalomania Disease’


Politicians has been using their creativity to stay in the limelight for more time. Majority of them are of the feeling that a bit of experimentation while criticizing someone or something will fetch good publicity. Congress senior leader Bhatti Vikramarka belongs to the same category as he tries to be as unique as possible everyone he make a statement.

Now, Bhatti Vikramarka declares Telangana CM KCR is suffering from Megalomania disease. Mediapersons were clueless whether or not such a disease exists. Finally, Bhatti clarified Megalonia is a mental ailment. ‘People diagnosed with Megalomania would behave as if everything is fine even when there is a crisis situation. Though none of the Welfare Schemes were implemented properly, people are unhappy over TRS rule and Debts of Telangana kept increasing, KCR is of the feeling that everything is fine. He is on cloud nine upon seeing the results of the surveys sponsored by him,’ he alleged.

Bhatti pointed out that Farmers have been facing severe issues with the unproductive seeds. He added, ‘KCR isn’t concerned about fulfilling the promises he made but planning to demolish the Secretariat to built the new one’.

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