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KTR Raises Rs 19 Lakh To Bring Back Cancer Affected Laborer


KTR is handling multiple portfolios such as Information Technology, Municipal Administration and NRI Affairs. What matters the most is the first-time Minister fulfilling his responsibilities and giving no room for criticism.

Chippa Manohar, a worker, who is from Siricilla was admitted to the Shaik Badriya hospital after being diagnosed with Cancer. When his family members brought the issue to his notice, KTR immediately contacted External Affair Ministry to speeded up the process of bringing back Manohar to Hyderabad. Soon, NRI Department of Telangana contacted concerned officials in Kuwait and NGO raised Rs 19 lakhs that should be paid as compensation to a party as Manohar was involved in a case.

After reaching Hyderabad on Wednesday, Chippa Manohar will be admitted to NIMS Hospital for better treatment.

NRI Department of Telangana asked people living in foreign countries to contact them using the number 040-23220603 if they need any help.

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