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Michelle Obama to be US President in 2020!

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First Lady Michelle Obama has emerged as Twitter’s first choice to run for US President in the 2020 Polls. People on Twitter believe the dream of seeing an woman become US President could be fulfilled if Michelle is in race.

After Donald Trump surprised everyone with stunning turnaround, Netizens began discussing, ‘Whom would be best choice to step into the Oval Office in 2020?’.

Although People knew that she isn’t interested in Politics, They wanted Michelle to run for President in four years in the best interest of them. Some even went on to Tweet, ‘2020 Michelle Obama will be president. This tweet will surface 4 years from now’.

Few others declared, Michelle Obama would emerge as FIrst Black Female POTUS in four years.

Michelle Obama is capable of delivering powerful speeches. The popularity of her skyrocketed during election campaign and when he was the US First Lady.

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