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Pakistani Hackers target 50 Hyderabad-based IT Firms


We have heard about Pakistan Hackers creating problems for the Indian Pilots operating flights close to the border by making them hear some of their patriotic songs by matching the frequency levels of Kashmir Air Traffic Control (ATC). Now, The Hackers of the neighboring country were even posing problems for the Indian Software Industry.

Reportedly, Around 50 Hyderabad-based IT Firms have been targeted by the Pakistan Hackers since the past 10 days. Ransomware was used for hacking and Hackers used servers in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Somalia. Upon hacking, Bitcoins were demanded to handover the decryption keys.This information is being confirmed by the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC).

Despite the change of proxy servers after every five minutes by the Pak Hackers, SCSC Team managed to track the location through the IP Addresses, Ports and Network Nodes. Pakistan is the origin for all of these Cyber Attacks.

Recently, Pak Hackers Group claimed they have successfully hacked over 7,000 Indian websites to settle scores with the tri-color nation after the surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC).

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