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PM Modi’s Mother Visits Bank To Exchange Banned Notes

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Gandhinagar: A day after he urged Indians to bear with him in the fight against corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 95-year-old mother Heeraben arrived at a bank in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar to exchange banned currency notes.

In images that were seen to reinforce the prime minister’s appeal to citizens forced to stand in long queues at banks and ATMs, his mother arrived in a wheelchair at a private bank near her home.

She waited her turn and was assisted by relatives as she walked in to swap Rs. 4,500 in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.

After the exchange, Heeraben posed with a brand new Rs. 2,000 note handed to her.

On Monday, PM Modi told a large gathering in Uttar Pradesh that he was aware of the difficulties faced by people. “I am really pained by the inconvenience and that is why I am working tirelessly to help people overcome this situation,” he appealed.

Millions across the country have been forced to spend hours trying to exchange or withdraw cash at banks and ATMs since the prime minister suddenly pulled out the two biggest currency notes from circulation last Tuesday. PM Modi said the tough step was necessary to bring out black or undeclared wealth stashed by the corrupt.

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