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Power Police Movie Theatrical Trailer

If you are a clever guy then becoming a ‘star hero’ is a cakewalk for you…at least in the social media. Let me ask you a question “Who is Burning Star?”. You will immediately say “Sampoornesh Babu”. Everybody knows that Sampoornesh Babu gained extreme popularity as a Burning Star with the help of social media. Don’t you agree ? In a similar attempt Jonnalagadda Siva is trying to become Public Star…!

Police Power is a movie starring Public Star became a cheap replica Rolex hot news now. The trailer released recently, it consists of excess fights.. heavy dialogues.. several villains.. two three romantic scenes in between.. this is the crux of Police Power. Even though Public Star is seriously delivering dialogues, it looks funny. More than all these things Siva is a multi talented guy unlike Burning Star. Apart from playing the lead role, he provided story.. screen-play.. dialogues, he is the choreographer.. music director..director of this Police Power.

It seems Siva Jonnalagadda has taken inspiration from Sampoornesh Babu. He depended on spoofs to make this film. He uttered a super hit dialogue of Balayya also. We have to wait and see whether Public Star impresses Telugu audience like Burning Star or not.

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