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Rice Will Be Poisonous If Not do the Method To Cook


An announcement made by an England Scientist regarding the presence of Arsenic in rice has become sensational now. Arsenic is used in pesticides and insecticides, batteries, crackers etc.. Environmentalists say that arsenic from these pesticides and insecticides is going into the rice through water in more quantities by eating which we get stomach ache, dysentery and diarrhoea. On taking it for longer periods it causes diabetes, cardiac problems and cancers, skin and neurological problems. According to England’s Queens University’s Scientist Andy Mehek In two methods there will be reduction in it’s effect. One is to cook one glass of rice in 5 glasses of water and pouring out the excess water which gives 50% reduction in Arsenic while the other to keep rice in water overnight and throwing away the water in the morning which removes 80% of it.

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