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The most tragic part of Rohit Vemula suicide: Pawan Kalyan


Keeping his promise, Pawan Kalyan responded on Rohit Vemula suicide on Friday. Jana Sena Chief made it clear the Research Scholar hating BJP doesn’t give license to the Saffron Party to harass an individual when his form of protest was within the democratic means. He makes it clear views expressed by him applies to any Group or Political Party not BJP alone.

PK: ‘If Rohit Vemula opposed saffronisation, Centre should have seen it as an ideological disagreement. Disciplinary measures should have been enforced if there is a law & order issue. But, Centre took it personally in this case for reasons unknown’.

Jana Sena President opined suspension and alienation from the campus has driven Rohit Vemula to suicide. He further adds, Lack of required moral support from his own group made him even more vulnerable.

Pawan feels proper student counselling could have save an intelligent student who is philosophical in nature. ‘The most tragic part of Rohit Vemula suicide – Anti-BJP Parties trying for political mileage and BJP & it’s Allies trying to prove Rohith wasn’t a dalit. But, All of them forgot how to prevent such young lives from committing suicides out of despair, disappointment and resentment. I hope for the day where our Universities will be known for Academic Excellence than the Battlegrounds for political parties,’ he adds.

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