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This is where Venkaiah’s image graph going!


Hyderabad: It is hard to tell accomplishments of Rajya Sabha MP Venkaiah Naidu to the country or even to his respective constituencies. Other than being party spokes person little did he do to his own state of Andhra Pradesh (United AP or after bifurcation). His interpretation to speeches of big wigs is what came as headlines.

But gradually he is losing image with people. In fact his image fell after his skewed remarks on AP Special Status and on his remarks after Special Package.

If that is not enough latest his remarks on the notes ban decision by Prime Minister.

On November 9th, Venkaiah Naidu said that the ban of high denomination notes was taken to curb black money, corruption and counterfeit currency by terror funding organizations. At that time neither PM nor the MP mentioned about cashless transactions or digitalization of transactions. But since supplying adequate currency has become a problem, PM Modi changed tone and appealed people to go cashless. Now Venkaiah Naidu said that the main motive of banning notes is to make India cashless economy.

How can a decision like that be taken without preparedness on ebanking, arranging for adequate POS machines and without improvizing on the mobile banking?

All that Venkaiah Naidu wants is a rise in his Image in the eyes of BJP high command, but in the eyes of people his image is sliding down south and once the trust is broken it cannot be built so easily.

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