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Vangaveeti Movie Review


Starring: Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Dasari Kiran kumar
Music: Ravi Shankar
Rating: 2.75/5


Venkata Ratnam is a biggest rowdy in Vijayawada who deals and settles everything in his place and maintains groups under him. He is feared by all and respected out of that. Bus stand Radha (Sandeep) is a small rowdy in his area who is joined in Venkata Ratnam gang and he rises so fast in that gang and is bad mouthed by Venkata Ratnam’s personal goons. Venkata Ratnam calls Radha and insults him which in turn makes Radha and his gang murder Venkata Ratnam brutally. It marks the rise of Radha as a force in Vijayawada which makes some political parties in secure and a party kills him with perfect plan which makes Vangaveeti Ranga, brother of Radha, the only successor of Radha. How he rise and how he is assassinated forms the rest of the story.


Sandeep Kumar aka Sandy is terrific as Vangaveeti Radha and Vangaveeti Ranga. He is so perfect in their body languages and his performance is laudable. He is the best choice for the roles and cannot imagine another actor performing the roles he performed. Shritej as Devineni Nehru is superb. Vamsi as Devineni Murali is perfect. Naina Ganguly as Ratna Kumari is good. Vamsi Nekkanti is nice. All other unknown actors who performed the roles of Venkataratnam and others are superb and are well casted.

Plus Points:

Actors Performance
Gripping Screenplay
RGV Direction

Minus Points:

Violence and Bloodshed

Technical Aspects:

As expected, the visuals of the film are top notch. The drone camera angles and the way the rustic locales of Vijayawada are shown is superb. Production values by Kiran Kumar are very impressive as the art department has done a great job of showcasing the proceedings during the 80’s in a good manner. Editing is sleek and so were the dialogues by Sirasri.

Coming to the director RGV, Vangaveeti is far better film than his previous duds as he narrates the film in a gripping manner for most parts. His screenplay during the murder scenes and the way he executes performance for his artists is very good. Taking wise, there is nothing new from RGV but it is the way with which he has chosen actors who look exactly similar to the original ones and made them enact is the best part fo the film. Also, his satirical voice-over throughout the film is very interesting.

Verdict :

Vangaveeti is surely RGV’s better films that have come out in the recent past. The film will be viewed from different perspectives as all those who knew the entire story will like it immensely. But for those, who do not know the back story can find this film as a routine revenge drama with some RGV mark. The film has a terrific buzz in Andhra Pradesh and will be watched quite heavily just for the curiosity factor. Finally, if you liked RGV’s Rakhta Charitra, you will also like Vangaveeti as it falls in the same category of the terrific gang war films which RGV showcases quite realistically.

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