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Viral Pic: Chandrababu’s Confusing Statements!


Overnight sensation of demonetization has not come down yet from trending top, thanks to the struggles of black money holders and also that of common people.

The bold move by Modi is lauded in the beginning, but the implementation is ridiculed after knowing that only one quarter of new currency was ready when the PM banned the old currency. Government and RBI came up with several amendments and relaxations in exchanging old currency for new notes.

Andhra pradesh CM Chandrababu however supported the demonetisation move of Center and was appointed as head of Govt’s committee on demonetisation for five states along with AP. But his statements at different instances since the currency-ban-night are brought to one picture and is being trolled for his irrelevant and opposite remarks each time.

When he commented demonetisation as a moral victory, he found hudhud was easier to handle than this on next instance. Once he claimed it his idea, he later says it was not our wish although it happened.

While Bhakts are debating it as future of nation and others are bringing up the plights of currency ban, Chandrababu is being trolled high for his confusing statements and that too when he is in a position of demonetization committee head.

His statements might be specific in certain scenarios considering the state’s revenue loss, common people’s everyday battle or the benamis getting caught with bundles of black money in new currency.

People are finding it rather confusing when Chandrababu is throwing the twisted statements now and then, instead of sticking to one side. Nonetheless, the opposition is awaiting his next comment, just to add that to his flip statements.

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